you win some

I’ve been feeling like a bit of a Loser this week, since I found out that another one of my pilots was passed on. I can literally hear Morrison in my head or shouting at me from downstairs that I’m nuts, that I’m doing a lot and have accomplished more, but the reality is, a lot of my friends / peers are currently running their own shows so the fact that I’m not quite there yet makes me think there’s something subpar about my work, though I know it’s all money, and timing, and et cetera. I’ve been so busy pouting that I nearly forgot to remember that ALSO this week, I received my gorgeous Writer’s Guild Award for my work on Maid. It’s my first award as a TV writer, and can also easily be wielded as a murder weapon or I don’t know, you could probably mash some nice potatoes with it. It’s a huge huge honor, and I now have it forever. A reminder: It’s actually not you win some, you lose some. The truth, at least for me, sometimes: you lose some, you lose some, you lose a little bit more, you wonder why you’re doing it, you spiral, you lose a little bit more, and then, like a quarter on the floor, the last red skittle in the bag, you win One. It’s just One. Sometimes it’s tiny, but then sometimes you can put it on a Shelf, to look at when you’ve Lost.

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