THE WORLD IS BACK, KIND OF! As are plays, as is my getting tagged in press pictures and production photos of The Cake which thrills me to no End. A production just closed in Hickory, North Carolina, and here’s this one, which I think is in Puerto Rico, where most to all cakes are called Bizcocho. I need to know how to say Cake in every language. Kuchen, Gateau, Kake. For now, going forward, I will be referring to Cakes as Bizcocho, which I think should be shouted, BIZCOCHO! I will continue to build my life’s work and legacy around Bizcocho, I will be it’s protector and narrative ambassador, I’ll eat it and give it away, I’ll freeze some for later, I’ll write it’s sequel and prequel, I will Bizcocho with my last breath, BIZCOCHO.


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  1. Jose M Diaz Soto says:

    Hello Bekah , you have no idea how it means to us a small theatre company that fell in love with your play. We are so excited to produce the first (I think) version of The Cake in spanish. Yes In Puerto Rico we eat bizcocho. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I just saw this! I hope it was a fantastic run 💙💙💙

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