THE WORLD IS BACK, KIND OF! As are plays, as is my getting tagged in press pictures and production photos of The Cake which thrills me to no End. A production just closed in Hickory, North Carolina, and here’s this one, which I think is in Puerto Rico, where most to all cakes are called Bizcocho. I need to know how to say Cake in every language. Kuchen, Gateau, Kake. For now, going forward, I will be referring to Cakes as Bizcocho, which I think should be shouted, BIZCOCHO! I will continue to build my life’s work and legacy around Bizcocho, I will be it’s protector and narrative ambassador, I’ll eat it and give it away, I’ll freeze some for later, I’ll write it’s sequel and prequel, I will Bizcocho with my last breath, BIZCOCHO.

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