Luna Mother

I don’t typically promote products or companies here, as I never wanted this blog to become a hashtag type place, and also I have NO delusions about the fact that I receive no more than like, 30 visitors a day. But I fully love this Mother founded, owned, and operated company, SO HERE IS A HASHTAG AD, HASHTAG LUNA MOTHER COLLECTIVE, HASHTAG MAMA STRONG. Luna Mother is an online platform for Pre and Postpartum workouts: barre, yoga, strength building, core re-building, HIIT. They’ve gotten me through a pandemic pregnancy and pandemic post-partum, kept me strong and sane. After years of trying to become a pregnant person, I was so excited to go to a pre-natal Yoga class, and I made it all of 2 before everything shut down. Jacy, I think? Referred me to this company, and I’ve been doing it 2+ times a week for nearly two years. It’s become my Place. Nauseous first trimester squats to 6 weeks post-partum core exercises while Joe snoozed next to me. The classes feature actual pregnant women, and actual Mothers attempting workouts with their actual children crawling around them, crying, or snoozing on them while they lift. This is why I love it. It is real. I might not be Capri ultra-lights veggie burger no bun skinny ever again (do I want to be?) But I am stronger than ever. I can lift my kettle bell child up and onto the slide without paralyzing myself, I can chase him and be present for him and toss him around in a way that kind of terrifies and thrills both of us. HASHTAG THANK YOU LUNA MOTHER, HASHTAG STRONGER THAN EVER, HASHTAG CARSEAT SQUATS.

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