The Fraser Fir

The rise in the number of years its been since I lived in North Carolina directly correlates with my obsession with all things North Carolina. And I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas trees. So meet my Niche: NORTH CAROLINA CHRISTMAS TREES. Did you know that North Carolina has a state Christmas tree, and that tree is the Fraser Fir? 90% of the trees grown in NC are Fraser firs, 20% of Christmas trees in the United States are grown in North Carolina, and 105% of the Christmas trees in the world live rent free in my brain. In 2005, a group of middle schoolers researched the economic impact that the Fraser Fir industry had on the state, then lobbied the State Senate to make it an NC emblem. Naturally the kids won, and Saved Christmas, which was probably at stake. If this isn’t a heartwarming family movie about knowledge / tradition / poverty / class / botany than I don’t know WHAT is (it’s more likely that I really just don’t Know, but still, leaving this nugget Here.)

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