a thought that I thought

* poem by Nayyirah Waheed, the most ‘famous poet on Instagram’ which is now a thing*

Joe hasn’t been sleeping great as of late, had a cold that he gave to us, so Morrison and I are both a bit shells of humans, leading to a 4 hour search for a wallet that was on the hallway shelf the whole time, and this ACTUAL conversation we had yesterday:

Me, to Morrison: I have a question. I had a thought today and I can’t remember if it’s my thought or someone else’s thought.

Morrison: What’s the question?

Me: I want to tell you the thought, and you tell me if it’s my thought, or if you’ve heard it somewhere before, because I might have read it somewhere or seen it somewhere, it might be someone else’s thought, but it also might just be a thought that everyone thinks that doesn’t belong to anyone. I don’t know, I don’t remember. So I want to tell you the thought, and you tell me.


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