Mom, Dad

I want to call myself the family Historian, but my brother Pete ACTUALLY knows the details about how our Grandfather’s family back in Germany came be known as Brunstetters (Brown town; people who fled from fire. Lived in burnt down areas? Fire home. Ask Pete.) But I Care Deeply about the family PICTURES. Recently I rescued a bunch from boxes and am slowly digitizing them and making some books for us all to have, Forever. My favorites are these pictures of my parents as young people, right before and right after they met. Late teens / early 20s. I love the simple truth that two people who once never knew each other found each other, and made more People, begot begot begot. These Hopeful faces, big dreams shooting out of their eyes and ears, snaking towards each other, off and into the Future, through my fingers, into and through my Hands.

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