Morrison and I were married underneath a Pecan tree, and after we bought our house, we realized that the tree out front was in fact Pecan. Factor in that we both love Pecan pie, and basically we are Pecan people, surrounded by Pecan (please note this is all pronounced PEE-can in my head, not Peh-CAHN.) So for our five year woodiversary, Morrison got this INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL BOWL made for us, out of Pecan wood. It’s not just any pecan wood, it’s spalted. To quote his card: Spalting is when fungus establishes itself on a fallen tree and makes these dark lines — these blemishes make it more beautiful. The artist who crafted it said the sparkly bits are STARDUST. So now we have this stunning family heirloom to look at forever, long after we ourselves become Spalted, to gaze at in case I ever get tired of looking at Morrison, which I probably won’t.

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