He Walks

I was so worried that while I was in NY, Joe was going to take his first steps and I would miss them. Instead, when I got home, he chose that exact moment to turn from the couch and walk to Morrison like it was nothing. We both eeeeked so much that he started to cry, maybe because we were both eeeking, maybe because he sensed the beginning of something. The rest of his life? And it’s not at all that he took a few steps and suddenly, he’s walking out to the mailbox to check for his tax refund. Like every other Parenting or Child Development Moment, it’s not really a single Moment, but more of a slow giggle or burn. He’s still way more into crawling. But every now and then — never when we ask him to, or say, when we’ve got a camera out — he’ll look at us and smile like he’s got a secret, then he’ll walk towards us like he’s marching into homeroom, up the aisle at his wedding, one foot and then the other, with the pride of having invented it.

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