I left This is Us top of 2019 and have since been writing pilots, like my desktop is a graveyard of final draft documents in revision mode and stickies with cut scenes and forgotten character moments. None of these pilots have yet to be made, so it has been a minute since I’ve written on a thing that you can actually watch. But last year, I had the pleasure of writing on my friend and fellow playwright Molly Smith Metzler’s beautiful show new Netflix show, Maid. It’s based on Stephanie Land’s equally beautiful memoir, about a single mother navigating poverty, emotional abuse, and a brutal, oftentimes inescapable system — all while trying to provide for her daughter…by cleaning houses. This job got me both early pandemic and pregnancy anxiety, it gave me an outlet and a purpose, it prepped me for Motherhood, it paid for all of Joe’s pajamas, it gave me a safe place to tirelessly keep pitching AND THEN SHE OPENS THE TOILET AND IT’S FULL OF PUBES. Molly found humor, specificity, and theatricality in a painful journey. To me it’s a story that’s deeply worth telling, and watching. All ten episodes drop tomorrow (OCT 1) on Netflix. Watch, cry, learn how to deep-clean kitchen grout, because I did to write one of my episodes, which is why I will never look at grout the same way ever, ever again.

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