What would Bekah Blog

A few days ago I found myself SITTING IN A ROOM, IN PERSON, hanging with my three brothers, which never happens, so I had to interrupt the authentic moment, rearrange us so that we could all face a camera, and get a picture. I then had to suffer through about twenty minutes of them making fun of me about how this would be a blog post, and how I would say things like BROSTETTERS! And WE ARE NEVER, EVER TOGETHER, BUT HERE WE ARE! Joke is in fact on them, as I got my picture. I will suffer anything to capture moments that I can keep Here, because when they are Old, or Older, and Tender, they will thank me. THEY WILL. Also it should be noted here that mid-mockery, as he was ghost-writing my blog post, Dan wanted to me to make it very clear to my audience that he very much likes my blog and Thinks it’s Cool, like he really likes to read it. Definitely considering asking them to guest post in the future. Stay tuned for short, clear sentences about our frustrating withdrawal from Afghanistan, shop towels, Lifting things that weigh more than the things your brother Lifts, and the future of electric cars.

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