I’ve listened to enough Terry Gross Fresh Air interviews to have a pretty sturdy fantasy in which I go on the show and Terry asks me her thoughtful, direct, unearthing and sometimes awkward questions. The fantasy shifts depending on what’s happening in my life, so of course lately, the dream is that Terry has me on the show to talk about being a first time parent. I mean, when and why and how would this actually happen? IT’S MY FANTASY, OKAY? I ALSO AM VERY THIN AND HAVE A BLOWOUT THAT ONLY TERRY CAN SEE. It goes something like this:

Terry: Bekah Brunstetter, welcome to the show.

Me: Thanks, Terry. It’s so awesome to be here.

Terry (kind of laughing at me, but with me, in a sweet way) haha, ‘awesome.’ Okay. Your book ‘First time Parent (?)’ has been number one on the New York Times Bestseller list for three straight weeks. Could you really not think of a better title for the book?

Me: …..Not right now, no.

Terry (laughing with and at me again): Okay. So if you could describe being a parent in one word, what would it be?

I take a long, thoughtful pause.


Terry: Can you say…’More’….about that?

We chuckle.

Me: Well, Terry, it’s just like….everything is More. More Tired. More Worry. More Frustration. More Wine. More voicemails. More questions. But then also, more Joy. More laughter. More discovery. More LOVE. It’s all just MORE. More, More, More.

Terry: Maybe the book should have been called ‘More.’

Me: Oh my God. You’re right.

(the muffled sounds of my hugging Terry Gross, careful not to crush her with my giant body.)

Terry (chuckling from the embrace): Haha. Okay. Should we talk about your work as a playwright?

Me: (quietly) I’ve wanted this for so long

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