Some Years

Elizabeth is turning }*#mf$(‘ri@0 years old so we high-tailed it to Palm Springs with our floppy hats and matching bathing suits to melt like lizards poolside and sweat out the stress of the last 1.5 years. yes, we have matching bathing suits, like third graders.

Whenever we hang out we always have to do the math and determine exactly how long it’s been that we’ve known each other, so we can you know, feel the light and crushing weight of Time, and drink to it. Turns out it’s been 17 years, and Elizabeth was quick to note that OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE VACCINATED. Old enough to drive, old enough to be accepted to college Early Decision, old enough to get their cousins to buy them wine coolers, old enough to make friends they will still know and love in however many forever years.

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