Blogs are the new Bangs

It has occurred to me recently that blogging kind of peaked around 2015 and is no longer cool anymore, and instead everyone is tweeting and twitting and twerking and fracking and tik toking. Instead of attempting any of those things, I stand by my dated mode of self-expression. I re-commit to this space, just as I faithfully wore my bangs from 2004-2018, from when they were cool, to not cool, to VERY not cool, to cool again, and then really REALLY not cool. Steadfast, I trimmed them into an aggressive straight line, traveled with a tiny hairdryer so I could feather them if I got sweaty. I will stick with this blog until blogs are cool again, and then until they put it in a museum and me with it, and then still, when the museum closes because no one wants to go to a museum with blogs in it, I will be in the gift shop with my 2006 Dell computer, tpying to No One about the dream I had where I was carrying myself around in a very small purse.

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