how to make friends

Joe had his first official playdate yesterday with Leo, another 8.5 month old (not pictured here, so as to not go willy nilly posting pictures of other people’s kids.) He’s seen other kids, but none his own age, so he’s sort of been existing in a social vacuum in which his best friends are pushing 40 and go EGHHHHHHHHH every time they bend over. It was so amazing to see him socialize. After some weird moments, and lots of determination, Joe won Leo over. According to Joe, here’s how to make a friend for Life:

Stare deep into the other person’s soul. Size them up both physically, and cosmically, for a good amount of time.

Shout AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH at them for another good amount of time.

When both of you least expect it, just go over to them and sit on their lap.

Stick your hand in their mouth.

Lick their ear.

Ask them, without words, if they’d like both Never Leave, and also come over 100 more times.

Smack them in the eye.

Grin, eternally.

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