Do you Validate

As I feel my feelings, and think about those feelings, then feel the feelings all over again, which might be the other Circle of Life? I realize that all people really need is food, water, shelter, and Validation. We can be whirring with emotion and all we need to steady us is to speak what we’re feeling to another person and have that person just say, Yes. Or, that makes sense. It’s so simple, but so impossible because we are designed to want to fix ourselves and each other. We want to shout our feelings into a machine and have the machine beep with a soothing green light then say What you’re feeling is Normal then gift us with two free hours of parking because we saw that movie we didn’t like. We want to see the punched words, VALIDATED, so we can show the man at the Exit. SEE? I MAKE SENSE. NOW PLEASE TAKE MY 47 DOLLARS, AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT.

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