a chair

Us: We need a chair for a baby that can’t stand, but sort of can stand, that’s for sitting but also for sort of standing, for a baby that is sort of inbetween, moving but not, running out the front door but stuck in one place, bored but curious about trees, something that will keep him in one place but at the same time, grow his brain as it ponders literally everything.

The Internet: Here is your chair.

Us:….could it….not look like that? Could it maybe we something that we could look at without wincing? Could it maybe not have demons, or sea creatures, or sea creature demons?

The Internet: Here is the chair

Us: okay but is there anything that won’t make us feel like we’re lighting money on fire for something we don’t even actually want?


Us:…does it come in any other colors? Perhaps something that does not look like 90 crayons puked?


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