A Schedule

Joe has many favorite classic baby games these days, including Peekaboo, Roll the Ball, Yank out all hairs dangling from Mom’s head or Dad’s face, and then of course THE MOMENT THAT MOM GRASPS A SENSE OF A SCHEDULE PATTERN EMERGING AND TAKES THE TIME TO RESEARCH AGE APPROPRIATE WAKE WINDOWS AND CREATE A COLOR CODED WORD DOCUMENT AND PUT IT ON THE FRIDGE, TO CHANGE COMPLETELY. In all honesty we’ve been doing a pretty decent job keeping most of his schedule consistent, when he wakes, goes to bed and eats, but the rest is like trying to put pants on an octopus. But still, I aspire. And so I’ve made this new Master Schedule which can be applied to babies of all age, and maybe some unemployed grown ups, too.

Sometime in the morning: wake up, feed that baby

hang out

Baby seems tired: put baby down for a nap

baby wakes up from nap at some point in time, probably feed baby again

hang out some more

until again, the baby seems tired

so put the baby down for a nap again

guess what, when they wake up, feed that baby

hang out some more

when the baby seems hungry, feed them again

perhaps then, maybe probably, if it’s nighttime, put the baby to bed


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