Djuna Blue

On 1/28, my magic little niece, Djuna Blue, arrived in the world like a carefully planned thought, a dollop of fresh cream, or maybe fairy bird queen, or all of it. I truly see something else in her every time I look at pictures of her, WHICH IS OFTEN. At just over 4 pounds, she is tiny and mighty and inevitable, and is doing great. Mom Jacy (my sister in law but also one my most favorite women in the world) and Dad John endured months of fertility testing and treatments, set backs and bad news, the dream getting kicked further and further away, before they were able to create a Single Viable embryo. This Single embryo became this beautiful Moon child (Djuna means Light of the Moon, because she was transferred and delivered on a full moon. CAN YOU EVEN? BECAUSE I CANNOT.) I look at her and I’m reminded that life persists, that it’s miraculous, that science is a gift, AND THAT ALSO WHY DID WE NOT PUT JOE IN A BOWL OF BANANAS? WHY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Welcome to the family, Miss Blue. I’ll see you in the new worldddddd!

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