I got these at the farmer’s market

I’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market in Pasadena every weekend, for something to do and somewhere to go, outside and relatively safe, and to support local farmers. Not only do I procure fresh produce, eggs and meat for the week, and I ALSO bring home bragging rights, as it is LA COUNTY law that if you’ve purchased something at the farmer’s market, you have to talk about it, before, during, and after you consume the product. Sentences I’ve actually said in the past few weeks include: These Japanese tomatoes are sweeter than most tomatoes, Japanese farmers grew them. And this chicken was raised in Ojai. And have you tried the mandarins? They’re excellent. And I can really tell the difference with these farm raised eggs. And those avocados have a few more weeks to go and I have to wash this kale again, that’s how fresh it is and damnit, I forgot to get pink potatoes and next time, I think I’ll get flowers for the table and this lemon cost seven dollars and this bread has no sugar wheat or gluten isn’t it delicious?! YOU HAVE TO TOAST IT and You have to meet the farmer’s and chat with them, that’s part of the experience and DO I SMELL DIFFERENT? I’VE BEEN TO THE FARMER’S MARKET and with every sentence, my soul grows eyes just to Roll at myself, but then reaches for a strawberry, fresh from the farmer’s market.

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