Pandemic Premiere

Since it became abundantly clear that the Pandemic was not going anywhere anytime soon, Hollyweird decided they would send the concept of the Movie Premiere to the viewer’s home, by providing secret viewing links and carefully designed and packed boxes of movie-themed dinners and drinks. The downside is that you don’t get to get dressed up and go somewhere and see and be seen and maybe run into a famous person. THE UPSIDE IS THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET DRESSED, GO ANYWHERE, OR RISK BEING SEEN OR WORSE, RUNNING INTO A FAMOUS PERSON AND MAYBE SOMETHING SOMETHING THAT YOU WILL FOREVER REGRET. So last night we had the privilege of ‘attending’ my colleague, is that a word, do I have colleagues? Yes! My Colleague / co-creator of the Oklahoma TV adaption John Lee Hancock’s movie, The Little Things, staring Denzel, Jared Leto and Rami Malek. It’s an incredibly well executed film noir meets murder mystery meets morality tale and I highly recommend it (drops 1/29 on HBO MAX.) I wore a Shirt that featured a long, beautiful drip of Joe’s spit up. Morrison put on Shoes. We ate and drank and viewed from the privacy of our living room while Joe slept next door, and I wondered, could this be the new Normal? SHOULD IT BE? Or should social / industry events that happen in PERSON be more of a rarity, so that we value appreciate them, instead of becoming out of touch assholes who complain about all of the industry events we must attend (ME)?

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