a church

Happy National Stacey Abrams dayyyyyy! This woman mobilized an unprecedented amount of voters and should have highways and parks and children and cocktails named after her. My favorite thing about her narrative is that she lost the Governor’s race but then won in a much more meaningful way, perhaps even had a larger impact. So a loss isn’t necessarily always a loss. The internet doesn’t need another love letter to her or itemized list of her accomplishments, so instead I’ll I’ll share my favorite fact about her: her parents are Methodist Ministers, and when tasked with re-organizing the Georgia Democratic party, she turned to one of her Mother’s books about how to build a church. This is how she approached outreach, and clearly it worked. ARE WE ONE BIG CHURCH NOW? No. I mean, most of us are still stuck in the parking lot, looking for a freaking space, or at home in bed, deciding whether or not to Go. But maybe we can smell the free donuts? Maybe we can hear the organist warming up through the open doors?

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