Having a pandemic quarantine baby means you really, REALLY don’t go anywhere. I literally can’t even fathom taking him to a Store. It took us weeks to even take the dude for a walk. So We decided to REALLY push and test that, and see if Joe, who had been in his car seat three times in his life? Fancied being in that car seat for 7-10 hours, for a family trip up to Lake Tahoe. Thankfully he is pretty amenable and spent the drive up either sleeping or pondering what appeared to be, Life? Even when visibly annoyed to be strapped to his chair, His eyes read, well, now I am here, and I accept it, proving once again that he is Morrison’s kid. Jury’s still out on how he is mine, as he is much too young to stress eat gummy bears. Knock on every wood, every tree dotting the lake, but we appear to be have been blessed with a baby who not only goes with the flow but Also SAVORS IT. Maybe he’s mine because he likes to leave home because of how much it makes him want to go back? Or will he get VISIBLY annoyed at ppl who take too long in public restrooms? TIME WILL TELL.


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