New Rock Bottom

Our Zoom baby class teacher told us that once we had Joe, once he came out ready to party at 4 AM, we would discover what she called a New Rock Bottom. Like, whereas before we felt wrecked on say six hours of sleep, we would find that actually things could be SO MUCH WORSE, and that really, we can survive on anything. Granted we are not the most tired new parents in the world, as Joe likes to sleep and we divy up his night feedings, but I’m still pretty beat all the time, and I still find myself thinking about sleep like a starving person thinks about food. Rumbling for it. Scheming where I can find more of it. Wondering if anyone might give it to me. Lying down next to him while he squirms, wondering is this sleep? Are you sleep? Am I sleep? When is sleep? And I think, here is the new Bottom, and it’s Rocks. But it’s not just a new Bottom, it’s also a new High. A new Rock Ceiling? A new Ceiling Fan. And it’s love. Coupled with the Tired and the Bottom is the most love I’ve ever felt, which, if you steep it in water and sip it, is Coffee, times a lot.

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