Gnome Sweet Gnome

I’ve never been too big on Halloween, but I’m not gonna sleep on an opportunity to put a baby in a costume. So for Joe’s first Halloween, we tapped into his whimsical, discerning nature and dressed him up as a Garden Gnome, obviously. In case you can’t tell, Morrison and I were a succulent and a flower, thus making us a FAMILY GARDEN. Joe loved his costume, but also who wouldn’t love to be wrapped in a felt fat suit, in which you are basically wearing a Bed? I managed to not force TOO many moments, and we only ate 47 mini Twix bars. SUCCESS! I feel like with a kid, I might start to get or actually invest in Halloween, NOT THAT IT WILL EVER REPLACE THE HOLY TWINS THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS OMG DID YOU KNOW IT’S NOVEMBER FIRST TIME TO GET THE LIGHTS OUT OF THE GARAGE

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