the Baby Gym

There are things called baby gyms that you put your baby underneath to stimulate their brains, and if you DON’T then your baby will grow up to be a murderer or at least have little to no empathy and maybe not be able to see in color or do his own taxes, or maybe he will be fat? My instagram feed and thus my brain are now AWASH with them. I ordered this mat by Lovevery last week in a panic once I realized that they exist, and suddenly felt like both Joe and I were desperately behind. It’s developed by Montesorri teachers, and while it feels sort of extra, watching him swat the ball around and spot himself in the mirror is one of the best things we’ve ever seen. Rest assured THIS baby human will not only know shapes, but touches, and patterns, and smells. And by smell I of course mean that the first time I laid him on it — pictured above — he immediately pulled his legs up to his chest, and Sharted. IS IT WORKING YET?

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