The Wizard’s Wife

For a few months during lockdown, every Saturday, Morrison led a group of our friends’ kids through WIZARD SCHOOL, a part learning part D&D zoom adventure, in which the kids solved puzzles and were treated to many of Morrison’s voice characters. But most importantly, my friend Molly’s daughter Cora started to call me The Wizard’s Wife. Like: this became my name, and I embraced it. Cut to a few weeks later, when Cora decided that I needed a nameplate for my desk so that when I’m at work, everyone will know my official title. CUT TO THIS GEM APPEARING IN MY MAILBOX. I will keep it on literally every desk I have, completely forever, because no matter what other job I might have, at the end of the day, I am the Wizard’s Wife, making sure he’s fed, that he rests between Spells.

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