Pandemic Babymoon

We decided to take a risk and VERY CAREFULLY, DISTANCE-LY, MASKED AND DRIPPING WITH HAND SANITIZER, stay a few nights at a newly re-opened low-capacity beach hotel (and other things I will remind myself when my brain convinces my I’ve contracted Covid) to give ourselves a semblance of a babymoon. After all we’ve been through to get to the point where there’s an egg carton sized person in me somehow pressing on my both my bladder and my lungs at the same time, I just really needed to lay my watermelon body by a pool and eat chips and gaze at the ocean and feel grateful for it All. And I needed to watch Morrison drink for two and flirt with the waiters and make hand sanitizer Dad jokes.

And I needed to document the simultaneous absurdity and beauty of this phase of our lives.

And I needed this, which Thank God, is not going anywhere, which we will always* have.


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