Speak Out

I’ve been real conflicted over how to best be useful during this fraught but necessary time. I read something yesterday, directed at white people, that said something like, we’re dealing with enough right now. Don’t make us have to also swim through your tears. And how much of speaking out is ego driven? And does the answer to that question matter at all? But also, silence feels incredibly wrong. A friend shared this image with me, so today, I’m going to reflect on the questions here and challenge you to DO THE SAME.

Not only has my privilege kept me safe and enabled me to do the most basic things with dignity, like wander through a store, go out to dinner, go for a run, walk home alone, dress how I want without having to worry about perceived as less than, it has enabled and allowed me to pursue my dreams, which have never felt unattainable. My privilege has given me the gift of my current career, and in turn has given me access. I’ll use my privilege to:

1. Make meaningful financial contributions to local, grassroots organizations that fight systemic racism

2. Create and write well-rounded, non-white characters that challenge stereotypes and normalize diversity

3. Whenever possible, employ Black and POC writers and crew members

4. Once I’ve employed them, I will not fetishize or pigeon-holed them, but give them space to speak and a respectful workplace where they feel safe and heard


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