Glow Up

Quarantine is an AHMAZING time to spend way too much time poking through your old external hard drive and looking at old pictures and asking lazy philosophical questions like How are things same? and How are different things? I was mostly hunting for pictures of Blaine and Carrie and I, so that I might torture them with our college antics and horrifying theater kid thrift store lewks:

I’m proud to note that while Carrie still has the best rack, I still touch my butt for no reason and Blaine is still known to purse her lips on occasion, we have all very much grown up and into ourselves:

We don’t eat mozzarella sticks for breakfast, we nurture and care for the hair that grows out of our faces and heads, we get enough sleep, we know how to dress ourselves, WE KNOW WHEN TO PAY OTHER PEOPLE TO DRY OUR HAIR. YOUNG WOMEN READERS, please know that it’s actually a blessing to not peak in high school or college. Way better to peak in your thirties when you’ve read at least five more books and have more than twenty dollars to your name and just know better how to treat and respect yourself and those around you. But also please know, in your heart of hearts, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME GREASY, WONDERFUL LITTLE IDIOT.

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