Earlier this week, the CDC revised its guidelines, and decided we actually SHOULD all be wearing masks. Personally, I have not been in a store or within 6 ft of other humans in weeks, nor do I intend to be anytime soon, so no, I will not be wearing a mask while I go for a walk in the open air, a walk on which I encounter NO ONE, but thank you for the shade, Man who drove by me and glared, fully wrapped in a pashmina scarf and gardening gloves, only his JUDGEY AND SPITEFUL EYES EXPOSED. But for if / when I DO dare go to Nordstrom Rack in Spring 2022, I’ve been beginning to pay attention to the 8 million facemask ads that now appear on my instagram feed. There are a lot of local clothing companies that have added masks to their production, such as These. Many are not only making masks to hospitals, shelters, etc, with each order, and I am HERE TO SUPPORT. But the question becomes: Fun mask, or Plain mask? The fun masks are deeply unsettling to me. They shout: this will be on your face, forever. They shout nail polish colors, stacks of mutli-colored masks next to folded jeans. I will wear a mask forever if need be, if it protects others / myself / my kid, but WILL I ALLOW IT TO BE ACTUALLY FUN? A MEANS OF SELF-EXPRESSION? I MEAN, WILL WE REALLY DO THAT?

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