That time we were Wimps

Me, complaining to my Mom on the phone yesterday: Our doctor won’t let Morrison be in the room for the next ultrasoundddddddd!

Mom: (with genuine empathy) Oh, no!

Me: It’s a precaution because of the virus, but still, if they find something wrong, I’ll be alone.

Mom: That’s terrible. I’ m so sorry.

(I bathe in her empathy and pity for a few moments.)

Mom: Well, your Dad wasn’t there for any of my appointments.

Me:……He wasn’t?

Mom: Well with Pete (HER FIRST) your Dad was deployed. So Yep, I went alone to all of them. Maybe with a neighbor, if one was around. But otherwise no, I was alone.

Me: ……….

Mom: But still, that sounds very hard.


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