My brothers and I had the DISTINCT AND SUPER AMERICAN PLEASURE of growing up with a yellow lab, Tanner. Dan pointed out that today is his birthday. He would have been 196. We do this for pets too, right? And this morning, I see this article. In Denver, Colorado, a yellow lab, Wynn, a one year old therapy dog in training, has been brought in by its ER physician owner to HANG OUT WITH THE DOCTORS AND NURSES. He hangs in a dim room with soft music playing, and overwhelmed hero humans can go in pet him. IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER? It’s like how Tanner used to let us climb all over him, use him as a pillow, step on his face, he didn’t care, he could feel our love, and it settled him, it gave him purpose. Are all Dogs one Dog? Are Dogs God? AM I BASICALLY JUST REPEATING THE PLOT FROM A DOG’S JOURNEY? IS THIS MY BRAIN NOW? DO I INADVERTENTLY JUST CREATE LOGLINES FOR MADE AND YET TO BE MADE FAMILY MOVIES? WELL, THAT’S FINE

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