Writing from Home

TV writing is actually only like, 30 percent writing. It’s a lot of sitting in a room Breaking story with other writers. Please note that ‘Breaking’ is just a term, and when Breaking story, nothing is actually Broken, except on bad days, maybe Hopes and Dreams and Confidence and Plans. But then, a few times a season, you are what we call ‘On Episode,’ and YOU GET TO WRITE FROM HOME. Please note that you are not actually physically ‘On’ your episode and less you print off what you have so far and just sort of sit on it, in hopes that it finishes itself. Every TV writer, or at least most, or at least, definitely the playwrights? longs for this sacred time, when you actually get to WRITE, to be at home, to stand in your kitchen and eat a pickle for a very long time, to look at Pants online, to speak to your animal, to spiral quietly, to never get dressed. Please note that technically, ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE WRITING.

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