Birth / Death

On Tuesday, my cousin Matt Pendergrass suddenly passed away at the age of 42. Here he is doing what he did best (read: Beach Smiling):

And today, my Grandpa Joe turns 92. Here he is, doing what HE does best, or at least what he once did best, smiling just partially at a happy thought in his head (the thought most likely being Ice Cream):

Matt was Joe’s oldest grandson. Joe doesn’t really understand much anymore, in terms of what year it is, who all of the People are, but Tuesday when my Grandma found out about Matt, she cried, and Joe came and hugged her, kissed her on the cheek. He didn’t know Why, but he knew she needed this. I’ll use my creative liberty to decide this: Joe Knew, Matt felt it, and these two handsome men are connected despite things like neurons, plaque, and Earth, and Life, and how it ends.

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