what to do with this

Every time the news presents an image of Harvey Weinstein heading into or out of court, I have to look away, not just because he is a manipulative rapist who took advantage of many vulnerable women, BUT BECAUSE HE’S USING A WALKER. Weinstein now walks like a mule with bricks of guilt and shame on his back. He’s apparently about to have surgery. And I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. Isn’t that horrible? What is that? Where does that come from? There is nothing sadder to me than a vulnerable old man. Why does my brain always pierce through the accusations and sins and see the human, when he oftentimes doesn’t deserve to be seen? And what am I meant to do with this feeling other than be ashamed of it and leave it here? Will it just always be my job / gift / curse to have empathy for literally everyone? Will I forever be a well-meaning, out of touch asshole standing next to the Guillotine shouting, THIS PEOPLE IS A PEOPLE, TOO?

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