care of creatures

black and white engrave isolated hippo illustration art

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Christmas related content to flag two dreams I’ve had recently:

ONE. I had a giant pet black hippo who could stand on his hind legs. When we weren’t making pasta together, he would stand, tap on his back with his front leg, motioning for me to hop on, and I would attach myself like a back-pack and he would run around the industrial sized kitchen and oh how we laughed and laughed and then made pasta for some reason.

TWO. I had a beautiful black dragon that I kept in the bathtub. From far away it just looked like your regular black bathtub dragon. But get closer, and his neck is neon orange and green and blue, and I sat next to him, stroking his neck, and he purred.


ONE. I have heard I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 9 too many times this year

TWO. My brain is trying to prepare for terrifying beautiful creatures that will MAYBE SOON BE IN MY CARE

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