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  1. Mo has a very incredible Mo-stache right now

2. Our friend Sebastian just opened up an awesome new recording studio in Highland Park, and Morrison’s D&D Podcast, the Magic Quest Boys of Dragontown, did their first live show to christen it, featuring live music, mystical stone tablets and a man that thinks he’s snake, and it was incredible. All of the players are actors, so the character / voice work is on POINT.

3. I now rate my understanding of D&D at a 6 out of 10, where as a mere few days ago, I was at a 2, which is deeply unacceptable if you are a person who is married to Mo-stache

4. PEEP SIXTY25 FOR ALL OF YOUR EAST LA RECORDING NEEDS! And you can find Magic Quest Boys on Spotify, itunes, or playing on a soft loop in the thick hearty channel between Morrison’s brain and heart.

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