For our third anniversary, Most Amazing Husband Ever who happens to be Mine surprised me with a trip to Leatherwood Mountain resort where we got married, because year 3 is Leather, AND YES I AM JUST NOW PUTTING THIS TOGETHER (LEATHER WOOD.) It’s nestled (literally nestled) in the mountains in Ferguson, NC, It’s just as magical as we left it:

And we don’t want to ever leave, and so our only options are 1.) abandoning our lives, shipping Cracker here via Fedex or 2.) resolving to return to our lives but only after giving the gift shop all of our money in exchange for literally every magnet and coffee mug and hoodie they offer, then returning to our lives but becoming people who only talk about Leatherwood Mountains resort,

Like have you heard of it, and have you been there?, and we got Married there, and we are planning on going there again, and please just Bury us there.

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