Outside In

I am a quivering ball of wrath and vulnerability these days, BUT AT LEAST THAT BALL IS DRESSING HERSELF LIKE THE INFERTILITY BARBIE THAT NO ONE BOUGHT, with carefully selected outfits to distract myself. Roll up her sleeve to find a cotton ball taped to her arm from her most recent blood draw. Check out her haunches for tiny bruises from shots! Also STOP UNDRESSING HER, YOU FREAK. Looks include:

Playwright on Opening night, with cape like coat to cover swollen haunches which sort of look like misplaced butt implants:

Emmys, or how to respond to innocent questions like how are you? without sobbing but instead shouting things like WHAT? NOTHING I’M FINE I’M WEARING A TUX IT’S FROM ZARA DO YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT ZARA? LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT ZARA

And my favorite: full body soft textured Nordstrom Rack, perfect for a day trip to a mountain lake to escape one’s feelings only to find that one’s feelings are Always There

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