Chemical Pregnancy

  • a very early loss of a pregnancy, when the Embryo fails to keep growing
  • option C, when you’d convinced yourself there were only two options: A, pregnant, and B, not pregnant
  • a particularly stinging sort of bitchslap, after years of losses
  • the ceremonious lighting on fire of thousands of dollars
  • a fun thing to add to the growing list of Things you will shout at your kid one day, ie, ‘MOMMY AND DADDY ENDURED ‘INSANE THING X’ TO BRING YOU INTO THE WORLD AND WE CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT
  • a chance for me to post this WEIRDLY MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF MYSELF, taken before our first embryo transfer, that I was saving for a YAY OUR IVF CYCLE WORKED! post
  • A chance, once again, to share our story, normalize this shit, and perhaps provide a bit of hope, because Life goes On, because People want to Live, both Tiny Embryo People and Grown People attempting to make more Life
  • so off we stumble now towards the Next Time, a couple of Masochists, dreaming of our future, THANK YOU, WE’LL HAVE ANOTHER

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