DEAR THE FIVE PEOPLE WHO NOTICED MY BLOG WAS DOWN FOR SIX WHOLE DAYS: ‘DATABASE ISSUES (?) HAVE BEEN RESOLVED, and my low grade panic that ensues when I have nowhere to put my thoughts and questions like Why is it called a pretzel and what actually are boobs HAS SUBSIDED. Usually when my blog is down, I spiral with the free fall of not mattering, I feel like my brain is seeping through my ears and there’s nothing to catch it. But I’m proud to announce that this time, I did not fully panic, as I normally do, but tried things like ‘living in world’ and ‘not worrying that I don’t exist if I don’t blog.’ There is nothing profound about this space, nothing revolutionary, but its where I put myself, every day, or every other day. It’s where my brain lives. When it’s gone it’s like all mirrors loose their reflection. Thank you, 5 people, for your panicked texts, and for reading, for looking at me. Here’s to twelve more years, and then twelve more even, when blogs live inside of our Eyes.

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