Father’s Day, or WOMEN FOREVER

| artist cred Farjana Sultana. |

Unrelated to Father’s Day (HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD! LOVE YOU! etc etc etc) I just saw a really stunning woman, I’d say in her early 70s, really alive and kind, the kind of person who’s voice you can always hear from across the room, and she was straight up unapologetically rocking her double mastectomy. She seemed so happy to be alive, and it was like breasts were friends she used to have in grad school, that she got rid of years ago because they were toxic, and sometimes she thinks about them but really, who needs them, because there’s so much now, in her life, and it made me wonder — if men had to cut their penisesĀ  off in order to live, would, I mean really, WOULD THEY? ASKING FOR SOCIETY

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