Our baby lives in the Future

Years ago I was hired to write a feature adaptation of The Secret, which means I’ve gotten to know and work with Rhonda Byrne, the kind and remarkable woman who wrote the book and lives the philosophy fully each day, which means a few days ago, I reached out to her with the question, how do I maintain positivity through all of this? And she counseled me for an hour, told me that I am an infinite being that she knows will be a Mom someday, and basically left me with this: Bekah, you already HAVE a baby. You need to live in this calm and peace, of already having it. And so I’m choosing to live in this feeling. Or at least, I’m going to try. And so this weekend, we are in Palm Springs for some self care (read: drinking and eating ourselves to death) but we already have a baby, it just lives in the Future, AND ITS FEMURS ARE GIANT, ITS FEMURS STRETCH FAR INTO ALL OF THE YEARS OF ITS GIANT LIFE. šŸ’™

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