moments of

Lately, on our leisurely (tumultuous) casual (I cry every five minutes) journey towards parenthood, it feels like we can’t seem to get any just like fully good normal news that would give us (me, because Morrison is the best and already has it) confidence that all of this will end well. Through it all, I’m trying my best to stay positive and hopeful and gracious and grateful and present and humble, and grumble and gratesent and posiful. BUT.  I think that  maintaining gratitude and grace in every single moment of one’s life is unattainable, if not completely psychotic. Perpetually positive people are scary and make way too much eye contact. Instead, I think that if you can make it through the day with just a few MOMENTS of grace, a few MOMENTS of actual gratitude and calm, even if you return immediately to a state of jealous rage triggered by YET ANOTHER  PICTURE OF MEGHAN MARKLE EARNESTLY TOUCHING HER BABY BUMP, THEN I SAY YOU ARE DOING LIFE RIGHT.

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