Today, on where my brain goes and goes: I sometimes find myself wondering whether or not I’m funny, which is probably not something an actual funny person does, and then I remember that one time six years ago when I met Stephen Merchant because we were both doing the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, and I had just taken the red eye from LA and he had done the same from London, and when he asked me how I was doing, I said I was pre-tired and he said what’s that? and I said, it’s when you’re not tired yet, but you know you’re going to be very soon, and the thought of how tired you’re going to be makes you very tired and he just sort of looked at me for a few moments, then made this exact face:

and said, that’s funny. You’re funny, and I felt like I deserved my own stand up special, wondered if he would ask me for more jokes for HIS stand up special, then, pre-tired,  we both passed out in soft pile of interns, missed most to all of rehearsal.

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