the Decision

When I first started writing the Cake, in late 2015, I legit worried that it’s central argument might be dated, that no one really felt strongly one way or the other about gay marriage anymore. Then November 2016 happened. Then in June 2017, while in rehearsal for the first production of the play, the Supreme Court announced that they would hear the case that inspired the play. Today, they made their ruling, and my email and phone are a mindsplosion of questions and requests for responses and instead of hiding under my desk which feels MOST truthful right now, can I just voice my feelings here, door shut, safe inside, still processing? Can I say that I’m not surprised but also surprised? Can I say that I think it’s interesting that OUR SUPREME COURT CANNOT EVEN DECIDE WHAT TO DO, HERE? Can I just note that all they did was kick a very large can down a very narrow road? Can I observe the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the court’s attempt to honor and protect both anti-gay business owners but ALSO the gay community? Can I just ask, is it even possible to do both?  CAN I PREDICT THAT THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT THE END OF THIS?

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