Chicago Cake!

Today, on things that I forgot and then remembered: Chicago theater is incredible, basically everything about it, but namely the actors, who are BARELY ACTING AT ALL, who are present and human and are just happened upon in dramatic moments.  I popped over to see the Cake at Rivendell Theater Company in Edgewater and I am so very glad I did. The entire city is dotted with ballsy and self-sufficient companies, their theaters tucked into the storefronts that used to be restaurants and bars, their warm lobbies decorated however they dang please, LIKE MAYBE WITH CUTE VINTAGE APRONS EVERYWHERE PERHAPS IF THE PLAY IS CAKE-THEMED:

Then the theaters themselves are limitless boxes where the once off-off-off-offoffoffoff OFF broadway playwright can come home again.

All plays should be born in Chicago, get their legs before the get put in bigger, shinier boxes. OH WAIT, THEY KIND OF ALREADY ARE.


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