why things Are

Driving to work this AM, waiting at a light, I remembered how when I was little, I wondered, or assumed, or even DECIDED that little people lived inside of the lights, and peered through the glass to see when cars were coming, and changed the lights accordingly. They only slept from 2-3 AM, in a tiny bed built into the roof, and when they were in bad moods, they would keep the light red for an extra two minutes. I miss when my brain used to wonder and decide things that were based in little to no logic. It’s not just that I’m not a kid anymore, it’s also that there is Internet, and within seconds, I can understand how a traffic light works. There are infinite answers, and so less wonder. But what if we decided to pretend to understand how things worked, instead of just looking the answer up, and knowing? WHAT IF INSTEAD GRASS WAS ANGELS’ EYELASHES AND CARS MOVE ONLY BECAUSE OF THE MILLIONS OF TINY DRAGONFLYS THAT LIVE INSIDE OF THEM?  I CAN’T WAIT TO LIE TO MY CHILDREN

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