I’m thrilled to announce that a very lovely college student who I met at the Ojai Playwright’s Conference is going to be my assistant for the Summer. I think it’ll be an interesting experiment in delegation and letting go. I’ve never had an assistant, so in an effort to understand how this lovely person might be of assistance to me, how I might use her in a way that is rewarding to the both of us, I’ve started a list of tasks.

– organize file cabinet

– figure out why my computer no longer knows that it has a USB port

– find articles and books for me to adapt

– help me get this piece of lettuce out of my teeth

– take my hands to get a manicure

– nurture my drifting friendships

– figure out why my eyes are rejecting my contact lenses

– determine to what extent climate change can be slowed by our behavior

– be my hands

– be my eyes

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