perks of being a Foster Keddie

I somehow lucked out and managed to marry into a family with some serious perks. Morrison’s family owns and operates the Boston Harbor Marina up in Olympia,  Washington. It’s part gift shop, part grocery store, part local hang out,  with kayaks, live music, Sunday Brunch, local beers and free unlimited chill vibes. When we visit,  I get to roll into the quaint store like a Kennedy and help myself to the soft serve machine, and then look at the very kind 15 year old working the cash register and say with perhaps too much confidence,  Put this on Cam’s Tab, sweetheart, sometimes with a bonus creepy wink. I’ve also gotten to help out a few times, which honestly brings me more happiness than a bucket of soft serve ever could. It makes me feel part of the family, and with a family spot like this, HOW COULD ONE NOT WANT TO BE ON TEAM FK?

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